How WebAR help “SpongeBob on the run” Movie to Go Viral?

Augmented reality is often associated with the games like Pokémon Go, but it is much more than that. We agree that augmented reality allows you to enjoy an unparallel gaming experience, but it is way more than that. Multiple brands have carried their product lines campaigns using WebAR and seen massive success. It’s true, WebAR helps you to increase your sales and increase the interactivity between the audience and brands. Studies have shown that an advertisement with efficient interactivity is 80 percent more likely to stick in the audience’s mind than an ad with inefficient interactivity. Therefore, if you want to improve your advertising game and compete in the marketing world, you should keep yourself updated on the new technologies surfacing in the market. We will tell you about the WebAR software in our article today. We will make sure that our topic research will prove fruitful to you, and it will help you have a better understanding of WebAR. We will also quote the well-known mass media brand “Viacom CBS” in our article today that has been benefited by the use of WebAR for their “SpongeBob on the run” movie’s promotion campaign.  But before that, let’s help you to build a better understanding of the WebAR concept. Without further ado, let’s get into our topic research.

Viacom CBS:

Viacom is a well-known mass media and entertainment conglomerate company. Its headquarter is located at the One Astor Plaza complex in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United States. As per the research of 2019, it operates over 170 networks and has approximately 700 million subscribers in over180 countries. 

What were the difficulties they were facing before using WebAR?

Viacom CBS is an international company that has released multiple projects over the years. It has been successful, but they were still facing some hindrances to reach their optimal level of success. They wanted to draw more attention to their projects to increase their interactivity with the audience and make them more profitable. The significant hindrance that they were facing before the use of WebAR is as follows:

  1. They were unable to reach out to their desired audience.
  2. The impact of their release among the audience was insignificant.
  3. Their carried-out campaigns were unorganized.
  4. They had to spend considerable expenses on promoting their projects, and the outcome was not satisfactory.
  5. The majority weren’t even aware of their release even after they spent massive expenses on the promotion.
  6. There was no compelling interactivity among the audience and the brand.
  7. The other promoting tactics were time-consuming and inefficient.
  8. The agencies hired to promote their projects were not producing satisfactory results.

How does WebAR help them?

By the use of WebAR, all obstacles have vanished. You can find multiple WebAR engines across the internet that are willingly providing free services. Therefore, the problem of investing a massive amount in the promoting campaign has been resolved. Besides that, WebAR also helps them target the desired audience interested in their genre. WebAR helped them to increase their interactivity and made them go viral. It consequently made their project “SpongeBob on the run” more successful and popular

Why they wanted to use WebAR?

They wanted to release their movie “Sponge on the run” through their label. Therefore, they were seeking a unique and effective promotion campaign for their movie release. For that reason, they started a campaign powered by AR studio popular. It launched a Web-based augmented reality experience that AR promoted on social media and multiple channels. 

What was the role of WebAR in the campaign?

You must’ve been wondering what this campaign was about; you will be surprised by the simplicity, uniqueness, and effectiveness of this campaign. So, Viacom CBS showed the user the movie trailer, and later the AR redirected the user to a camera lens that emulated the main character’s face on the user’s face. This lens is activated when the user opens his mouth to respond to the verbal cue from the movie trailer. The promotion was further fueled by convincing the user to take a pic using that camera filter and share it on social media platforms. This is how this campaign got viral among the audience, and they were eagerly waiting for the release date for the movie. 

How does it help them?

The movie got huge success due to this camping as 

  1. It became part of a national program that was further promoting over 22 million products.
  2. The sales of products featured on the national program sky-rocketed up to 29 percent.
  3. It gathered the attention of 181,000 people to be part of the weekly sweepstake program.
  4. The original AR campaign reached 15,797 monthly active users.
  5. The campaign got viral and grew up to 6000 percent in its second month.

These all factors summed up to make this campaign highly effective and successful.

WebAR is still a very new concept, and it has been emphasized upon for further development as it is taking the advertising tactics to a whole new level. People are working on it as it has been proven highly successful, and it has multiple uses. If you want to try WebAR with no monthly charges, you can visit OneStopAR. We have the latest WebAR engines that will allow you to experience 3D animation and give you access to multiple other tools. Feel free to give it a try.