How WebAR helped “Huggies” to Boost their Advertising Game Tremendously?

WebAR stands for web-based augmented reality. It has been getting immense attention in the last few years due to its several advantages relating to advertising and promotion. WebAR has even taken over mobile-based augmented reality because to have access, you have to download apps and other stuff whereas, WebAR is more accessible, and you can use it on your web browser. It is more user-friendly and increases the interaction between the audience and sellers. That’s why today we will discuss how WebAR has benefited companies and how it has increased interaction. We will also show how WebAR resolved the pain points of the struggling brands to attract traffic to their products and brand. We will specifically talk about how WebAR helped the worldwide diaper company “Huggies” in our article today. But before we dive into our main topic research, let us help you to develop a better understanding of WebAR. Keep reading.

WebAR is Something Awesome!

What comes to your mind when you think of web-based augmented reality? And how’d you think it differs from mobile-based augmented reality? Due to modernization and constant advancement in technology, inventors’ sole purpose is to add up more convenience and easy accessibility to technologies. That’s precisely what happened when they came up with the idea of Web-based augmented reality. They wanted it to be more accessible than mobile-based augmented reality. You can access the augmented reality experience from your web browsers without requiring any app or anything. As it is a very new development, WebAR offers a limited approach towards interactivity and animation. Even then, it is perfect if you are dealing with the basics of augmented reality.


Huggies is a well-known American brand that has been active in the market since 1978. They sell disposable diapers and baby wipes. Huggies first tested them in 1968, and then ten years later, Huggies introduced them to the public markets. Kimberly-Clark markets them. Even though they are prevalent, Kimberly-Clark wanted to improve the sales and interactivity of their brands. Therefore, they went for the latest technique getting massive attention since its release, that is WebAR. Their experiment was highly fruitful for them as they were able to overcome all the pain points. They experimented with WebAR upon their new product line of “Dry Xpert.” They started a collaborative campaign with the 8th wall. They printed QR codes in the packaging for this WebAR campaign that provided the augmented reality to demonstrate the product’s salient features. 

What were their pain points?

Even with the massive success of “Huggies” before WebAR, the Huggies product line was facing some problems regarding reaching their targeted audience and interactivity with their customers. So, they wanted to adopt an efficient marketing tactic to get a flood of traffic on their product line. For that reason, they had to choose WebAR. Let’s discuss the pain points before the use of WebAR below:

  • They were facing problems in reaching their audience
  • The Return on investment was unclear. 
  • Other promotion tactics required a considerable investment.
  • They were having problems running an organized campaign.
  • They were struggling to attain strong measurement capabilities. 
  • No desired amount of awareness on their product lines
  • They were struggling to arrange proper and enough time for their campaigns.
  • They were also lacking the staff to run an efficient campaign.
  • The agencies were not producing effective results.
  • They were unable to reach the targeted audience.

How has WebAR helped them to overcome these pain points?

“Huggies” used the WebAR tactics on their new product line of “Dry Xpert.” They wanted more attention on their new release as it was something they had never tried before. The “Dry Xpert” claimed that it would be gentler towards the baby and have better absorbing capabilities. To make it a standout in the market, they used WebAR. WebAR helped their new release in multiple following ways:

  1. They were able to reach their desired targeted audience.
  2. They didn’t have to invest a significant amount as you can get multiple free access to WebAR.
  3. Huggies efficiently organized their campaign.
  4. WebAR doesn’t require strict supervision to run, so the problem of hiring staff was resolved.
  5. Operating WebAR isn’t complicated. Therefore, Huggies were able to carry out their campaign without facing any complexity or time problems.

In these all-above-mentioned ways, WebAR was able to help “Huggies” to run an efficient and profitable campaign for their product line “Dry Xpert.”

How did it work?

To enjoy these web-based augmented reality features, the user has to scan the QR codes imprinted on the packaging. By doing so, they would see a 3D effect of the water rising on their screens. The user then has to press the red button to “absorb” the water. It was the visual representation of the working of their brand-new product line. 

How does WebAR benefit them?

After this captivating game-like experience, they would convince the users to share it with their friends on the social platforms to get more traffic on their new-launched product line. The campaign benefited their new product line in several ways. We are going to mention them below:

  • The “Dry Xpert” gained over 5.2 percent scan rate
  • They reached a 1.03-minute engagement rate on their product line
  • The given online video given achieved an engagement rate of 20 seconds. 


The WebAR software has benefited the brands in multiple ways, as we have discussed previously. It has widely resolved the pain points faced by numerous brands and companies. Brands saw a massive boost in their sales, and they were able to target the right audience. Therefore, it is considered as a better approach towards advertisement and interaction with the audience. OneStopAR is a reliable WebAR platform that you can use online. You don’t have to download any application neither you have to pay for it. We provide free AR consultation. Click here if you want to try our WebAR platform. It is FREE!