WebAR for Brand Awareness

Feel Bored on Video Ads? WebAR can help.

"First time using this seller and very pleased. He built me a very cool 3D view of my products for my website that I'm very excited to launch. Communication was prompt and clear. Obvious he shared my desire to have it come out great."
John Doe

Why WebAR For Your Brand?

Studies show that, by adding interactivity to content, your messaging can be up to 80 percent stickier in the user’s mind. That fact, combined with the ability to share AR content right from your own website, represents an enormous opportunity to squeeze extra juice out of your content strategy. There’s no longer the need to send users to a third-party site like Facebook, Snapchat or TikTok; you can launch Web AR experiences from any URL of your choosing.

Easy to Track User.

As with static websites, there are a host of different tracking and analytics available when using WebAR. Not only can you track traditional metrics like engagements and time on page, you can also get more granular insights like how long a user interacted with a particular product or even — if a user “tried something on” through your experience — their clothing size for future reference.

How Does WebAR Work For Your Brand?

Creating a home for your WebAR feature couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is direct your audience to a designated URL, and you’re off to the races. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the power of QR codes. Users simply open the camera app on their phone, point their lens at the QR and are prompted to tap into your new WebAR experience.

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3D Product Design

WebAR Design​

Always begin with a well-rounded plan that clearly states your target audience, campaign goals and creative vision. This will help inform your decisions later on.

3D Scan Your Product App

3D Scan Product​

With 3D scanning, even when no CAD models are available, the design process becomes more precise, more efficient and much faster, making it the perfect companion of rapid prototyping.

Web App Hosting Service

WebAR Hosting​

Chose your own hosting service as needed, or from other platform such as AWS, Azure, 8th Wall and Zappar.You can also export the final experience and host it on your own servers Either way, you can now share your new WebAR experience by simply sharing the host URL via QR or any other means.

3d Product Design Services

Create 3D Model​s

A good WebAR experience is all about balancing your creative vision with available bandwidth speeds. Highly detailed models or super complex animations can cause web-based experiences to run slowly.

3D Product Visualization | Web App Development

WebAR App Develop​

This work will be done through the platform you selected. Like most digital development, this process is fairly technical and best handled by a developer or team of developers with experience building in the platform.

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WebAR Brand Awareness

Feel bored on Video Ads? WebAR can help. You can’t make users to watch YouTube ads for 5 seconds, but AR can easily get users more than 1 minute.

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WebAR is supported by all major mobile phone manufacturers — such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, Xiaomi, Huawei and more — and across all major web browsers, including Safari, Chrome and Firefox.